Nice music – a quick comment


Nice music – a quick comment to Daniel. Please don’t blame MIDI – perfectly possible this music has had a MIDI involvement. MIDI is often used as the ‘blame’ for horrible music and it is not! It’s like complaining English is a bad language because the made in Essex brigade don’t use it properly. BAD musicianship is common, but MIDI is just a data protocol and not the problem. It’s perfectly capable of producing excellent music. If it doesn’t it’s the fault of the musician. To be fair, this has been common every since it was introduced – and examples of appalling music produced by incompetents is everywhere. MIDI piano roll editing is also NOT a problem – the problem is simply over quantisation and notes put in mechanically, one by one – all the exact same length, velocity and timing. I work with a classical pianist and some jobs mean recording his excellent C3 yamaha and some are done using a master keyboard outputting MIDI. With a decent (read quite expensive) piano sample library reading the MIDI even he is sometimes hard pressed to identify which is which!

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