Nice job, grinner! I searc


Nice job, grinner! I searched Craigslist for a week and didn’t find one or my emails weren’t responded to.

Hey guys, here’s a tip! I accidentally stumbled upon the “Refurbished” links on the website. Later, I was at an Apple store and spoke with an employee about the refurbished Macs and she said they were awesome deals.

She basically said that most of the refurbished Macs were people who had purchased the Macs brand new, but then realized that they didn’t want them or didn’t want to commit to making the monthly payments so they shipped them back- hardly used.

They all come with one year Apple warranty (to which you can add the extended apple care if you want).

And, I saved about $500 dollars! (bought mine for $1,500)

I’ve noticed that the deals are constantly updated daily (or every other day) to remove the ones that have been sold and to add new ones.

Check it out-

Also, I did see some ads on craigslist for super cheap deals on used Adobe C5 full suite and Final cut pro original cd’s with serial numbers. Thats my next step after my Mac comes!

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