Nice! I liked the “Heaven


Nice! I liked the “Heaven Created by GOD” at the end of your second one. The second one’s transitions/musicmade me think of something that would be playing in a Hallmark store at Christmas time. (Yes, my Mom used to take us to Hallmark.)

what kind of camera did you use? I’ve always wanted to take pictures like that.

You have the well known “Ken Burns” effect down cold. good job!

stuff I didn’t like (you can skip this part until later): Like Art said above, the red credits at the end of the first one were hard to read on top of the black and white photo. It was probably the font the text was in(thicker fonts are easier to read), but extra drop shadow or a different color would help too.

Many of the picturesneeded tobe “perked up” with either Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop. Just some color correction and sharpening.

The first one seemed very slow, but that might be because it was the first one I watched.

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