Nice bit of editing

AvatarJackson Wong

Enjoyable and engaging for those that love to watch aircraft. Some of the camera work is fantastic.


It would've been nice to have a map (maybe even a map at partial opacity) or few wide shots to give some kind of landmarks. The shots can get a little repetitive, so maybe start the first ones (before the fade to black) in slow motion, as long as it fits the music to your taste. Which is great, and to spice it up even more, consider some radio chatter. If you've got military chatter from the time period, you're golden, but even some mid 40s radio could fill out the atmosphere.


Thank you very much for sharing and keep up the good work!





P.S. for some reason the embedded video cuts off the side of the video, I copied the video URL and pasted in another tab to watch via YouTube.

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