News Flash: May be relev


News Flash: May be relevant to your LCD problem.
Just got an email from:
You may want to go to this address and get more info on the following:
Issue involves NUMEROUS Sony camcorders and digital still cams. The LCD and viewfinder go blank "rendering the camcorder incapable of recording video." Fault of work done by non-Sony out-contractor; shame on Sony!!! Decision pending in court re what owners can get out of this, probably regarding free repairs, like an automobile recall. Case # 05-CV-1979-JAH-RBB, US District Court Southern District of California. Take a look; a bit long for me to paste here.
(Me speculating:) One consequence of this announcement may be to clog up the normal repair chain. So, if you have been holding back on a repair, warranty covered or otherwise, you may want to pick yourself up and do it…

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