New, Please do not think t



Please do not think that there is emotional attachment to these typed words. Since we are not face to face, you cannot see that. No ‘gaskets’ involved.

‘BS’, how since we are in a forum where only our written words are visible can I ‘read what you mean not what you type?’ And how by presenting sourced facts am I’helplessly defending the PC?’ Some of your statements were inaccurate and pure assumptions. I just shed light on them.

Mac OSX+ automatically cleans volitile file fragments before they reach a certain size. Win Vista does the same thing by automatically doing the exact same thing.It’s just a feature that wasn’t included in earlier versions ofeither software.

I make no apologies or give no accolades to Microsoft. Just like anyPC or Mac user, I don’t get a dime from Gates or Jobs for using their products.I’m not part of the ‘PC tribe’, I just like a good debate.The original question of this post was ‘which computer type is better at editing video?’ I like others involved in this forum have used bothplatforms in a professional capacity and the arguments I give are based on strictly on my experience with both. The answer by the way is still, ‘both have their strengths and weaknesses, so you will have to make a choice that best suits you.’

I have said it many times, I don’t hate macs,just their hype.New, have you ever usedPC’s for your production work? I also was like you and believed the hype about Vista. We just built an NLE using Visa Business SP1 64-bitand I could kick myself for believing the hype. How do I know it works? I used it. I do agree with you about MS ‘screwing up’.Since XP, they’ve had an annoying habit of ‘artsying’ stuff up to look like macs and that’s just retarded. I’m not surprised though, since mac’s and pc’s are all but identical now. Parts and software grow more interchangable each day. With a partition, you can run Windows on a Mac and now with the Intel support built into the mac OS you can once again make your own ‘Hackintosh’ on a PC. So since the two platforms are so closely related, why are we still having this arguement?

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