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I see it’s been a while since the last post on this topic, but I’ve worked with both the 250 and now have a 200 in inventory. In ’07 we shot a short film with a 250 on loan from JVC. It was a dream to work with though at the time we had to use it to shoot DV. Imagery was Sierra Hotel and it was just like working with a rig that cost $50k (just lighter!) Robgrauert is dead-on about the extra features on the 250. They’re great, but if you don’t need ’em spend the extra cash on camera support gear! We picked up a 200U this summer and put it to work immediately. Controls are exactly the same as the 250 without the extra connections. As far as the 720p thing goes; it’s already pushed out 1080i and is going to be viable against 1080p for a while. Lots of news outfits are picking up the 250’s and JVC is good about firmware updates. I’m just glad it’s still one of the few pro-rigs that gives you a choice of tape, harddrive and now solid state w/an SxS adapter. BTW, that ‘Broadway’ outfit smells fishier than a tuna market. Stick with reputable outfits like B&H Photo-Video, ProMax and the like. Many times they have good packages and you can often negotiate for lower prices.

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