Nevart, When working with



When working with power available in or outdoors I’ve used small LCD TV’s. I’ve used a 15″ Polaroid HD LCD I bought from ‘S-Mart’ for $150 back in 2006. There are some really good ones you can use as reference models now. Just remember that you’ll have to adjust color, contrast, etc. to match your camera’s signal close as possible.

Another way around that’s inexpensive is a small on-camera monitor or portable LCD TV. I use one with my XL1s rig. Its a good working reference monitor, but it tends to overheat and shutdown. Also it uses a lot of batteries so I keep rechargeable AA’s ready. Here’s a link to a few potential monitors under $250.

Cheap small on-camera monitors

Eventually, I broke down and got a Sony GV-HD700. At $1300 it’s expensive for old tech, and is primarily a 1080i rig when I work mostly in 720p, but it is a dedicated portable monitor/recorder. Despite some minor limitations (no HDMI-in or 720p recording capability) it’s still a good choice as a field monitoring device and far superior to using a DVD player.

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