netventure Wrote:I just ch


netventure Wrote:

I just checked my vx2100 to day and my whole imgae is covered in RED colour..

Im just worried its the CCD.. what could be the problem..

I tried white balancing and even a hard reset on the camera..but the prob wont go away.. I tried the colour bar and colours shows fine..But when using the camera on live images the red colour is covering all image..

Can Anyone help?

OUCH! I don’t have that camera but but it sounds like you may lost 1 or 2 of the CCD color feeds and all you have is red left. By resetting the camera, does that rest EVERYTHING to the original factory settings? Because if it doesn’t maybe the color gain settings are all set wrong.

Look on Sony’s website and see if there is a troubleshoot area. Otherwise you may have to contact them.

I know "compusolver" (from this forum) has a few of these cameras and is very knowledgable so maybe he’ll see this post and give you a hand.

"Hank… where are you?" πŸ˜‰


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