Nenny, hello.  I am fairly


Nenny, hello.  I am fairly new to posting on this site as you can see.  i believe this is my first forum post, but I wanted to give you some feedback as well.  I have been shooting wedding films for about 5 years now.  I am with trotter videography and we also have a unique style of presenting wedding movies.


I love the style you have shown here.  Not cliche but artistic.  Keep this flow and build on it.  it is refreshing to see.


One thing we as wedding videgraphers have to contend with is lighting.  During the reception, do not hesitate to use camera lighting. Otherwise your video will look grainy and noisy.  Just try not to blind the guests.  Use supressors, but you must use light in these situations.  


Your shot transitions were ok but your shot ordering at 6:08 threw me off.  You began with a shot of the bride talking to what appears to be a groomsmen, then you excuted a "straight cut" to what appeared to be a bridesmaid or a woman in a dark dress posing, then you cut back to the bride again.  I would have loved to see more of the bride since the day is really about her.


Also as SDE mentioned above audio is one of thee most important pieces in a video.  Beginning at 7:26 it appears to be the brides fsther talking about her.  The audio fell apoart here and is very difficut to understand.  If you have the proper equipment, you can determine prior to the wedding which mics will be used for toasts, comments, etc.. and work with the DJ to have a direct mic feed going into something like a ZOOM H6N (which is what I use).  This way you would have a recording of pure, clean, crisp audio that you can take back to the studio and sync in post.


All in all, not bad for your first video.  Like I said keep up the style.  I love it.  Good luck out there!!


Maceo Trotter

Trotter Videography


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