Neither the XL-2 or Sony V


Neither the XL-2 or Sony VX-2100 do HD (or HDV). to get HD you need to look at either the Sony HVR-Z1U, HDR-FX1, HDR-HC1, HVR-A1E, or some JVC camera or the new Canon XL-H1.

Personally, i’m partial to sony products so i’d look at the Z1U if you want professional options (i.e. xlr jacks and all) but also the PD-170 is very good for non-HD use. As is the XL-2. The removable lenses are really cool, but not very useful unless you’re going to be doing sports or something that requires you to change lenses. for your uses, that particular feature doesn’t really apply. BUT the XL-2 has a lot of other really great features that make it very good for you.

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