Neither are in production


Neither are in production yet and only have sparse technical information available. The big question is; have you ever shot motion picture film or video before? If not, I’d throttle back hard on the idea of spending money for professional camera gear. You don’t just get a camera and go shoot. There are a number of accessories required to turn a DSLR into a proper video camera rig that will balloon your budget far beyond what you’ve listed.

If you want to get the feel for what it’s like to shoot a film with a still camera, my suggestion is to purchase one of canon’s fine point and shoot models which are all video capable. You’ll be working with similar sized video format (720p/1080p) and will have all the same concerns with lighting and everything that comes with it. Those little cameras put out really good video and if you can put together something watchable with one of those, then I’d say start considering using a DSLR.

But again, if you’re not used to shooting video or handling a professional still camera, you’ll be in for a world of disappointment. This stuff is nowhere easy to do as it looks.

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