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I’m not familiar with Studio 14, but am thoroughly with many of the Adobe production, web and print software programs.

There was a day when premiere wasn’t a pro NLE program but that time’s past. Many medium and some of the larger Hollywood studios are starting to incorporate it into their workflows. If I remember correctly, the offline edit for the last Superman flick was cut on Premiere.

Other than being pretty easy to learn to use and work with, Premiere has some pretty good out of the box tools to get a good portion of your basic production needs taken care of. It like many other of the big named software offerings isn’t 100% and if you’re needing fine tuning on sound or want to do advanced compositing/mographics work you’ll need to get additional software to do so. This is where Premiere really can stand on similar ground with Avid and FCP. With seamless integration with Photoshop, After Effects, Encore, Flash and Soundbooth, you can get 95% of your project done without having to close your Premiere project timeline. That’s pretty hardcore.

The mere fact that most production professionals either use or have used Photoshop and or AFX makes it possible for you to collaborate with thousands of potential pro’s. Also, Premiere is crossplatform. Anyone who thinks you will only work with other pros using Mac or PC only is in for a rude awakening. If others are working on your project have Premiere, then with some streamlining on which primary video and audio codecs will be used, you can swap out whole project files between mac’s and pc’s without batting an eye.

Now programs like FCSP, Media Composer, Media 100 and some others that I forget about at the moment are high-end programs, Premiere (particularly in the production bundle) can give those program a serious run for a lot less money.

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