Nathan, To Master Birdcat



To Master Birdcat you should listen (using my best Yoda voice.) In every proposal and contract I put forth for a project there is always the stipulation that, ‘any changes or additions beyond the original project scope and approved budget will be treated as a separate project and will be charged to the client as such.’ The joy/pain of being an Executive Producer is being able to make the big calls and pay for them. Remember, the client doesn’t own anything until they’ve paid for it in full.

Besides, music video clients are more of a PIA than charities and churches (which is saying something!) I generally try to avoid them as much as possible. Even when they do have money and are willing to pay (on time), they usually have ‘delusions of grandure’ and will run you through a whole bunch of BS before the project is complete. More often than not, the aggravation is not worth the money.

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The best video editing plugins — 2021

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