Myrtha Chang mentioned som


Myrtha Chang mentioned something that makes total sense. If you have XP on your computer, you should have a program called "Movie Maker". This is a very basic and simple NLE program to work with and it’s an excellent way to learn how editing works. By using this you will start becoming familar with terms and techniques used in the editing process.

IMO, the best way to learn this is by actually starting a mini project. As my distinguished friend "compusolver" has already stated, after a few days or weeks, you will start to understand how cuts, transitions and audio all come into play. Once you get a clear understanding of this, you will be ready to move up to a better NLE that is capable on doing bigger and better things. The one thing you have to keep in mind is that pretty much all NLE programs out there operate somewhat the same. The only difference is the interface.

Think of it like when your first learned how to drive a car. Once you have the basics down, you will be ready to drive any car. They all have a steering wheel and a gas pedal and the only thing that you really have to worry about is where the windshield wiper switch is or maybe the light switch is. In the end, they all do the same thing. I told my son to do this and now he is a very accomplished Permiere Pro user. I guess one can say it’s good to learn how to walk before you run.

As for me, I found that the best way to learn is through expereience. I still remember to this day… the concern I had when I first fired up Adobe Premiere for the first time. I looked at this and thought that there was no way I was going to figure this out. After many years, I think I can pretty much say that I know it like the back of my hand. Today, the biggest problem I struggle with is making a decission on what style of font I want to use. X-D

Good luck!


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