My view is that you cut to


My view is that you cut to the style of the music, so for this one, I think I would have made more of them on the beat – especially as there is a snag hit on each beat of the bar – so some come early or late but are close to the beat – this is when they think something is wrong. I guess what I’m saying is that if you divide a beat into 100ths, then a cut in the 1-15 area or the 85 -100 area should be on the beat – if they happen between 15-85, then they’re far enough away not to grate – but some clients may just be more rhythmically aware.

I too agree that cutting from a zoom going one way to one going the other is a bit of a crunch. Some of the cuts might have worked as dissolves. When I work with others, I have to expect their work to be different to mine – I see and hear things I personally would not have done, but if it works……..

It’s pretty clear this client isn’t happy – so you have two choices. re-edit or don’t. You mention the client shot the images to his style – you edited to yours. We don’t like his shots, he doesn’t like your editing. It sounds like a no win one, to me. If getting paid depends on client acceptance, then I’d just re-edit. Not a major job to go back in and re-trim – but an annoying one. Doing it all to the beat will be very predictable and dull – but if that’s what they want …….

There is no absolute. Making a music video is not the same as a wedding video. The real problem is the music – it’s just not really appropriate as the rhythm track is so prominent making you tap your feet – and this is exactly what an on the beat music cut works for – this one doesn’t match.

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