My tripod/head cost more t


My tripod/head cost more than my first brand new car! There is no substitute for a true fluid head. My camera(JVC-5000U) weighs in at about 20 lbs with battery and wireless mic, so a sturdy tripod is a must.
The Miller 20 sticks and Manfronto 516 head(100mm ball) weigh in at 18 lbs. One thing you can do to a fairly sturdy tripod is suspend a bean bag(a few lbs) from the apex of the sticks. If you have mid-point speaders, you can set the weight on it. I have been very pleased with the 516 head. The variable drag settings are smooth during slow and fast pans. I shoot a lot of extreme aerobatics, so the head gets worked pretty hard.

***As a side note, I’ll be on The Learning Channel "99 Most Bizzare Survival Stories/Stunts" airing on 11 June. I shot all the footage on two of the segments, including the narrator and a "self interview".

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