My thought on this discuss


My thought on this discussion is thatthere are amateur videographersand professional videographers. The professional value their work as described above. The amateurs either don’t value their work if they are good enough or they are not good enough and theirwork has limted value. There is a category of amateurs that produce good work and choose to offer their work below professional markets prices. Generally for the benefit of a good cause.

There are also amateur clients and professional clients. The amateur clients don’t know what they want and if they do, they don’t want to or can’t pay for it. The professional clients knowwhat they want, will work with the videographer and fully expect and are fully capable to pay for what they get. Since the original post references working for a friend as a client, I think Lauren needs to determine which category her client is. All the budgeting does not amount to much if there is no money to pay for it. I am sure all the pro’s will agree that they do not need practice with their budgeting. Any thoughts on pre-qualifying clients?

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