“My task is to develop a s


“My task is to develop a strategy for producing video of at least parts of the conference. I’m currently researching products such as Camtasia and CamStudio for recording PowerPoint presentations but we would also like to provide video of our plenaries and some of the larger theme forums.”

If you’ve got a camcorder with A/V input, you can switch the camcorder to input mode and connect it to the S-Video or RCA output of the projector, or possibly the S-Video output of the computer system which is projecting the presentation. The sad story is that Video Input is becoming an obsolete feature, according to the minds of camcorder manufacturers. A DVD recorder that is capable of recording composite (or S-Video) stream will also allow recording from a projector device. Also note that this option wouldrequire DVD ripping software, or editing software that is capable of capturing video from DVDs.

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