My story I am a hobbyist i


My story

I am a hobbyist in this venture. I have only been working with this for little more than a year. I use low dollar gear because it is a hobby for me at this time. I joined Videomaker because the magazine and video articles were very much tuned to my level of competency. The Forum is a great place to learn more about how I can improve my skills. My vision of “someday” is still a long way out there.

My biggest expense, so far, has been the computer I upgraded to for editing. I shoot with a Panasonic HDC-SD9 (AVCHD format full 1920X1080p 3CCD). It has a 5.1 surround mic built in. I love the color and sharpness of its image. No motor noise (SDHC record media) so the audio works surprisingly well with me. Use a Velbon Videomate 607 tripod (claims fluid head). Use a Zoom H2 digital audio recorder for second source sound. I use a dog training clacker for a sync mark to line up audio on camera and H2 in edit. Use the H2 as a studio mic for voice overs and narration. I edit on Corel VideoStudio Pro X2. I am working with Sony Acid to make my own background music. All for less the $2500 over the course of a year. With these low end “tools” I am having a blast making mistakes and figuring out how to overcome them on the next attempts.

I cannot justify $1000+ software and $3000+ cameras, whether it be skills or the thinness of my wallet. I look for “on the cheap” items, 1) to learn how they work, and 2) how I can best incorporate them into my projects. 30 day software trials are nice but seldom long enough to convince me I need to buy it. Nothing scares me more then to dump $500+ into something that I find out is not going to work for me no matter how hard I research it. But I am having a blast.

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