My sony camcorders came wi


My sony camcorders came with software called Picture Motion Browser. I don’t know if you can get it from sony website, but google it and see “download picture motion browser” see what ya get. I think it’s a great app for indexing and displaying your videos, including avchd which mine are mostly. you can set it to expand clips to show a frame every 5 seconds, 10, 30, 1 min and etc. After it analyzes your clips you can have it display like this or you can click a button and just see 1 thumbnail for each. With the clips expanded you can search easily for the exact moment you’re after, even if the event only lasted 5 seconds. Actually, i’ve been surprised not to hear from others on the value of PMB. I archive my video on hard drives that can be kept connected, allowing me to easily peruse my videos clear back to 2002 when i started shooting. It seems that when you archive on removable discs, like blu ray or standard dvd they go into an album or onto a spindle in stacks and to look at em ya have to find them, load,spin and then you still don’t know where an event is on there except for the thumbnails you attach to the menu chapters or the moving video chapter titles. With PMB it’s simple to keep these things readily accessible. I’m sure there are other apps out there that do this or even better, but this is the one i’m familiar with.

Hope this helps with your interest.


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