“My rich friend in Minneso


“My rich friend in Minnesota/Florida (he has two houses) has been
talking to me about how to buy tech. He says to research, research,
research; and to forestall purchases as long as you possibly can. Then
when (and only when) it is time, get just what you need (without gold


As you’ve unknowingly surmised, your friend is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Definitely do your research. I’ve harped on that enough in other discussions so I won’t do so here. These days though as you said, ‘the tech changes so rapidly’ (to paraphrase) the problem with waiting is you get left behind. Everyone who gets the gear up front gets a leg up on the workflow and they have work going out in a current fashion. Though it is prudent to wait, you have to choose wisely on what you wait for. Now, you’ll never be able to ‘catch up’, but if you are marketing yourself in a competitive region, being current often helps make the sale.

Now, your friend is also right about not getting ‘the gold plated stuff’. Bells and whistles are just that. However, you do want the best gear you can afford outfitted with what you need to get the job done.

Also, I don’t think this part of the discussion is ‘hijacking the thread’. Since we are discussing the potential of the Mk II issues concerning support gear is integral to helping those interested in making their decisions.

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