My recommendation for mark


My recommendation for marketing property videos is to upload them to a website and post links to them on as many real estate websites as you can or care to since people looking for videos of properties for sale on the Internet usually google for “real estate videos.”

It is toward this end that I have created The Real Estate Video Show for videographers all over the country to post links to their videos on websites. The name of the game is to organize listings in an orderly fashion by type and location. The more videos that one website shows or links to by area the higher the google rating will become as more and more viewers click on to it.

Eventually, you will need a bulletin or forum board like this one to list all of your videos by property type and location but suitable ones are available for as little as $50/yr if not free.

Anyone can set up a bulletin board for listing videos in their area and even for the entire state they live in if they want. Viewers just click on the state they live in or want to buy in and check out the listings in that area.

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