My RANDOM crashes in Pro 1


My RANDOM crashes in Pro 11 are now very few and far between – maybe every 20 hours of editing. HOWEVER, there are times I expect it to crash now – like after I add the color correction VFX. half the time when I add it and go to the legacy tab, which I prefer, it will crash. I have gotten used to this and now save it before adding the effect by instinct. No biggie, if it crashes it takes 5 seconds to open again and I am right back where I left off.

Also the New Blu titler. Some reason I was thinking the second titler in Vegas WAS the new blue titler and didn’t see much point in it until I read over my order email 2 nights ago. Well who’da thunk I had to download and install it separately? I have only been using 11 since release… From what I have seen so far I really like the options in it, but when I was adding it to a project I was working on it kept repeatedly crashing Vegas (I stated RANDOM above – this seems to be something I can predict now as well). One fix I had for it was to open a new project and just make the titles in there, then import the .veg file right into the project I intended to use it on. Strange, but it worked without crashing… It might not be as unstable as I am thinking though, maybe it just didn’t like the footage I had in that particular project, or even the effects I had on the clips. Who knows, but maybe I will figure it out as I use it more often in future projects.

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