>My question is…. The


>My question is…. There are many Sony TRV units that I can pick up used. I only want to use it to transfer the older tapes to DVD. Is there any difference in the playback resolution of these digital 8 TRV series camcorders.

No, ultimatelyits just a transfer of digital data.

I would go with a trv 340or 350, both of which can playback analog Hi8 tapes. Becareful of cameras like the trv 280 that can’t playback analog tapes.

Many of the 700-900 models are older cameras but very good compared to other cameras in this series, they just tend to be a little more expensive because the actual retail price was listed at a time when these things were going for 600-800 bucks. If you can find one for a good price…go for it, but the 340 or 350 will be just as good, newer and generally less expensive.

Many of the 200-400models are the new but they don’t seem to be as “solid” as the older ones. They just seem small, cheap, light, and plasticky.

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