My point Hank is that the


My point Hank is that the software could have been playing back the audio at a different sample rate than it was recorded at. Admittedly most software can handle multiple sample rates within a single project but a test I did with Logic Pro goes someway to explaining my theory. I recorded a one minute segment at 48Khz and then switched the projects sample rate to 44.1Khz – 5 seconds were added to the files duration in the timeline due to the fact that it was taking longer to playback all the samples.

But that’s not really my point anyway. I’m not familiar with the Ulead software and just figured that maybe, just maybe sample rate conversion could be an issue if there are recordings with multiple sample rates in the same project – I couldn’t get Final Cut Pro to hiccup with a quick test with short files but you just never know. Just trying to help.


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