My pleasure Earl. IMHO, I


My pleasure Earl. IMHO, I think video is going to play a larger role in marketing across many industries. With high-speed connections become more accessible both in the home and on the road, video is becoming more and more mainstream. Real Estate videos have been around as long as camcorders, but until recently it was a difficult product to distribute to the masses with a level of quality that would capture the users attention. Connection speeds are only going to get faster and digital technology is constantly improving and becoming more affordable. Heck for about 10K you can set up an IPTV station and broadcast live in HD! In 2-3 years people will be searching for homes from their couch using their cable remotes the same as they look for a football game on Sunday afternoon.

I bought my first camcorder 1 month ago (Canon HF S200) and I am really enjoying learning. is awesome source of info, and I am the kinda guy that believes in giving back to the community. I’ll soon be posting links to my amateurish work…go easy on me…hehehehe.

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