My playback is the size of


My playback is the size of a commemorative postage stamp, using Mac OSX, so that may be the problem with viewing and my associated comments. I am most definitely NOT getting 5×8 or anything near it. Can’t really judge resolution going by the size playback I am able to get.

Free, or not, web content regardless of the focus needs to reflect quality on audio and video for today’s discerning and technologically astute internet users. There are certainly times with certain issues can and will be overlooked by the general viewer/audience, but when seeking to eventually grow an idea such as yours into a money generating system – first and foremost people investing, spending and utilizing big bucks into well the sale or leasing of properties, for example, aren’t going to be impressed with nor want to be associated with something that to them seems amateurish and doesn’t exude quality and credibility. High end realty does not take the old soap or white shoe polish on the windows approach to hawking their properties, and it would be easy for what you are doing to be misinterpreted that way.

Also, I am so doubtful of the potential or incentive for very many video producers around the country to put much, if any, time into shooting this stuff and posting on yours, theirs or any other “free” links. Very few people want to, or can afford to work for nothing. Their time has to be worth something to them, to you and to the real properties base you are trying to reach. Otherwise, we’d all be standing on the highway exits holding up “will work for food” signs.

Yeah, I still have mine πŸ™‚

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