“My only concern is that i


“My only concern is that it seems like making that into a viable
resource for video or filmmaking, one would have to inverst a lot of
money in the extras (rail systems, etc.) which could hold back its
feasability for the pay-as-you-go upgraders such as myself.”


That’s a valid concern. However, Redrock Micro maker of the cinema rigs in the video make some very affordable systems that depending on what you’re ‘shooting for’ can run low as a cheap PC workstation to slightly less for a full-blown kit than what you’d blow on a macbook pro laptop. So again Canon has those of us who are seriously looking at this rig as a potential purchase running out of reasons to not buy.

I am concerned about battery power. One great thing about our JVC pro cam’s is we can slap an Anton Bauer, NRG, or an IDX battery on the back and can look forward to 2 hours minimum shooting. If either Canon has whipped up an inexpensive battery or an aftermarket solution exists to keep the camera ‘rolling’ for practical periods of time, then yet another ‘reason’ will be shot down.

Here’s a look at some of the systems available from Redrock Micro for DSLR video rigs and the major brands of cams used by many of us in the forums:


Glad you like the post BTW.

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