My (non professional) inpu


My (non professional) input (agreeing mostly with what composite1 said, and adding my thoughts): you have some good ideas and if you can build on them, they’d be even better. For example with the subway, you could show the train whipping by from outside and then switch back to your footage of the tracks, even playing that backwards so it looks like now you’re going forward (if that makes any sense). Viewers wouldn’t be able to tell forward from backward, I’d bet, but if you want to shoot from the front, all the better. For the cemetery, show other statues and show some wide shots (they don’t have to be from the same place–viewers won’t know that, of course). The statue you did show was pretty racy–I never would think to film it, but without going into to detail about it, let’s just say that it was a bit more detailed and anotomically correct than you would expect to find in a cemetery, which is exactly what I think you were trying to express in your video. So, on that note, you succeeded for sure. Building on it a bit more can only help sell the ideas you’ve got, and they are interesting ones to put it lightly. I’m not into the types of things you’re shooting (statues of cows farting, for example) but that doesn’t mean other people won’t like it. In fact, I wouldn’t surprised if a DVD of these ideas sells. Who would have thought Jackass would be a big hit? Not me, but it takes all kinds. All I can say is keep filming your ideas, keep looking for feedback, and see where it leads. Good luck!

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