My main question to the of


My main question to the officers who I do understand were in their minds just doing their jobs is, “What constitutes suspicious photography in conjunction with anti-social activity?” What does that have to do with suspected terrorism?

I mean Google and Bing have made any terrorist worth their salt’s job sooo much easier. If you want to plan an attack, just dial-up Google Earth and there ya’ go. Routes, building sites, addresses, nearby law enforcement all wrapped up in a nice neat package and you didn’t have to set foot outside ‘Cell HQ’. I’ve shot surveillance photos and video on numerous occasions before and after the institution of the Patriot Act and its always been easy to do with a little know-how and a cool head.

In fact, one of the best series of intelligence photos I ever saw was shot by one of my co-workers mother on vacation! She had no idea what she had shot and had the film processed at a local photomat! So when I picture Earl in a ‘Magnum P.I.’ style Hawaiian shirt, bermuda shorts, long black socks and dress shoes with a camera around his neck I have no problem believing he would attract little attention (other than for that hideous outfit!)

Same thing goes for the camera phones D0n mentioned. They’re everywhere!

One thing is for sure, Earl’s dead on about that whole ‘Baton’ thing here in the States. If confronted by authorities, I guarantee you a simple “Yes sir/ma’am/officer” will probably mean the diff between going on about your business or a trip to the hospital/jail or worse.

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