My main camera is now a NE


My main camera is now a NEX-VG10, so I’mediting AVCHD .m2t files with it. I have other cameras that are .mov or mpeg2.

I did a little more looking into the the .MOD file extension last not and seems its a form of mpeg2 used by JVC and some Canon cameras, its more or less just a wrapper. Since its already mpeg2, some are getting away with just remaning the file from the .mod to .mpg and their edting ap is accepting it. Some are converting it with other software. If your camera came with a light editing ap, it might be able to do the conversion for you if you need to go that route.

Here is a link to the adobe forums that covers the issue of .mod files with quite a few means of resolving the issue. Hope you find one that works for you.

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