My interpretation of what you


My interpretation of what you mean by “clean and smooth” is that you’re referring to lighting and movement. The lighting, for the most part, is almost flat, very little highlight and shadow. Everything in each shot is evenly illuminated. The shot of the two women at 1:11 is a good example. At times the lighting is motivated — e.g., when it’s streaming in through a window, highlighting a face — but much of it looks like the shoot was in a basketball court.

The smooth motion comes from the use of a slider of some kind. For my taste it is hopelessly overdone — so much lateral motion in nearly every shot that it induces nausea. The sequence beginning at 1:22 and continuing to 1:30 illustrates this. There’s absolutely no reason for movement on any one of these shots. It doesn’t contribute to an understanding of the content, and it has no aesthetic justification — the movement doesn’t reveal something otherwise unseen.

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