My interpretation is: Docu


My interpretation is: Documentary style, creative or Hollywood style, and short form.

Essentially, in my interpretation, when a client wants pretty much EVERYTHING that happens, this is a documentary production and requires little more than what some would consider a “cleanup” edit but little else.

Creative productions can involve all matter of approaches such as time shifting and special montage sequences with voice tracks or music segments to condense the traditional reception elements such as cake, garter and bouquet, the formal dances such as B&G, Father/Daugther and Mom/Son, maybe the bridal party segment and, if any, exhibition dances. Grand entry and live toasts (maybe also truncated and using scenes from the ceremony to enhance) a one-song dance clip, etc.

There’s also those segments, if you offer them, that the bride and/or groom pay extra for: love story, bridal elegance, pre-ceremony prep for the bride, and sometimes the groom, creative interviews and creative montages of the formal photo shoot.

The short-form goes by many names but essentially, again in my interpretation, is live vows and rings, with pretty much everything else incorporating montage, voice tracks and/or music.

The documentary style can run, as has been indicated in other responses based on ceremony/reception length, one to two hours.

The Creative styles, again depending on add-ons and other elements, can run upwards of an hour.

The short form, by virtue of its intended purpose, should hit less than 45 minutes and mine are usually 20 to 30 minutes total.

There’s no locked formula, however, as each production has its own personality and each couple has their own preferences. For those who have a policy of providing or selling RAW (cleaned-up edited) footage IMHO the creative process is much easier and shortening the productions is an excellent approach since the clients will also have pretty much everything you shot.

On the other hand there are many in the industry who are not inclined to provide RAW footage for a number of valid or vain rationales. To each his own. Again, IMHO, RAW is RAW (cleaning up not required) and “cleanup editing” is EDITING plain and simple, not to be confused with simply burning off a DVD of the footage “as is” and how this is delivered should be priced accordingly.

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