My hunch would be that there


My hunch would be that there is a short somewhere in your system, although it is very difficult to tell based on the clips.
Troubleshoot with a single variable. Record with the camera mic first. If there’s static you’ve evidently got a problem in the audio record circuit in the camera and will need to take it to a repair facility. If there’s no static, plug the Sennheiser into the camera and record. If there’s still no static you can rule out camera and mic as the source of the static. Now add the Zoom into the mix and see what happens.
I would also try recording with all three elements on a table top. It’s remotely possible that static electricity from clothing is causing the problem since you indicate that the transmitter is hand held, in a pocket or hanging from a belt, or that one of the jacks has a short that only occasionally occurs when the microphone or transmitter is moved.

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