My history with motion pho


My history with motion photography began with being a production sound mixer on small, short crewcommercial, industrial, documentary productions in the 60’s & 70’s. Iultimately had the privalege of recording sound for a real Hollywood-type feature production before I moved to LA to seek my fortune in the film biz. In every case I was exposed to setting camera angles, lighting, and even in a few cases acted as a second camera assistent, providing follow focus and stuffing filmmagazines.

As an amateurvideographer I am now learning the finer points of a couple really nice camcorders. The stuff I’m shooting is pretty much documentary style with the ” story ” being dictated by the action as it unfolds. If I were to be involved in a dramatic production again, I’m afraid it’d have to be as a soundman; I don’t have nor will I ever have the chops to DP or directa dramatic shoot.

Rick Crampton

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