my god Bill what have you


my god Bill what have you done, there goes all my planing, well thank you so much none the less. I realise that I am running into this maby a little bit fast, iv been wanted to get my hand on a camera for boxing day and found a good price for a 5d3 for 3k cash and thought that would be best of both worlds. Then the a7 comes out and turns my world upside down.


I now know about the rx10 and will be doing all the reading I can on it now.


So im a noob ok, I admit it, but I have been stocking the forums and reading every night and learning ALL i can about photography and film, I want to MASTER both I really do. Im going to go on a long bycicle trip around the world and have been planing and saving now for almost a year, I got another 8 months to go before I head out.


So this is what I was thinking this morning(mind you I learn something new every night and the next day my plan changes), what about getting an a7 maby even a7r for purly photo and the ocational shoot, and then getting a Pocket black magic for the dedicated planed out shoots. Ill be getting the new 13'' mac pro speced to full for the road for maximum mobile editing. I remind you ill be on a bicycle so ill have to be a fully mobile and operational film studio πŸ˜›


But now im going to go scout out this rx10, I guess why I want full frame is because iv been told it looks the best, that being said I dont "really" know what im looking for, as I learn more im just getting obsessed about having the ultimate. But of course within my limits of budget and portability.


With the 5d it looks like the best all around camera, very multimedia, im willing to live with the size and huck it around if it can really do it all.


With the a7/a7r it looks amazing for the price and with full frame and being so small it looks like the future is here, dont like what im reading about the AVCHD thought, but I guess I dont really understand what that all means πŸ˜› more reading to be done



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