My first software was Stud


My first software was Studio 9. I realize now, it’s a good beginners software. But I’m not going to ramble about how other software is better and what to get. But I have gotten Studio 10, Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro. I have had rendering problems simialr to yours and hated it. I’ve read too that Studio isn’t the best for that particualar asseti guess you can call it. Considering I started off with a labtop with 256 memory and the processor that came with it.

But, my suggestions and thoughts are from personal expirences are this: DO NOT, touch anything after it begins rendering. You probably have an idea of what it’s like when you want to go on and do some other stuff as it’s rendering. If I even clicked on anything once while it was rendering , the top bar would turn white and it would freeze the whole program. So for that part, don’t touch anything.

Another suggestion is that the reason why it brely gets going is becuase of your lack of memory and or processor.

So enough of me rambling and straight to the point…I’ve had bad expirences,(and good) with Studio 9, 10. I’ve never used Ulead but I’d imagine it’s much more stable than studio so my advice would be to go for it.

Sorry for the rambling I guess I have alot to say on that. Good luck and hope you get around it.

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