My first questions are wh


My first questions are what (geographic) market do you live in, have you done at least one internship, and what part of the video market do you want to work in. It is very difficult to start working in a large market with no experience. Period. Whether your good or not. So if you have no experience get a internship. It may not pay (the good ones don’t) but it will lead to a job potentially. If your in a huge market you may have to move to a small market for a while. I lived in Dallas TX while in school and moved to Savannah GA to get experience. And It was a great experience. I was promoted twice in the first two months it was the best experience of my life. I worked there for two and a half years as a motion graphics artist. (here is an example of my work )I just moved to Houston and am attending a 4-year school (i have a two year degree) If you want to work intelevisionyou must climb your way to the top. Its exceptionally hard to get a job in a large market without a couple of years under your belt regardless of your degree (which will helpimmenselyby the way) If you want to work at a production or advertising house then get an internship at one and bust your ass try to make it into apermanentgig. This is the coolest industry to work in so don’t give up!! Its a lot of fun and never gets old if you love it. So to answer your question you most deffinitly did not waste 4 yrs.

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