My favorite is Edit Like


My favorite is Edit Like a Pro.

Who says How-To tapes have to be boring? Like A Pro Media has done an excellent job putting together a comprehensive training guide for Xpress Pro that is easy to follow, interesting to watch and even a bit funny! The 2 DVD set takes you through the ins and outs of Xpress Pro while editing an action movie. Well, it’s more of a moc action movie. A 6 foot tall criminal bunny vs the narrator.

Don’t let the bunny shtick make you think this isn’t high level training. The use of the bunny is actually very clever. It makes it very easy to follow the editing process. You will not only learn how to use Avid Xpress Pro, but you are going to learn a heck of alot about video editing as well. I highly recommend this 2 DVD Set of training video to anyone interested in learning how to become an Avid editor.” – Gary Bettan (The Videoguy)

Edit Like A Pro with Avid Xpress Pro $129.95


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