My father started making h


My father started making home movies using an 8 mm camera in 1937. He always carried a still or movie camera on trips. I watched home movies before I saw my first TV show. Everyone in our family are photography hobbyists.
I retired several years ago and transitioned my hobby to a small business where I 1) convert 8mm and vhs home movies to DVD (I use MovieStuffs telecine equipment for 8mm film). 2) digitize photos and slides and make movies from them using Photo-to-Movie software. 3) create public service announcement and training movies for non-profit organizations – doesnt pay much but you get a lot of business for #1 & 2 business. Im not in it for the money but just enough to pay off the equipment.
I really enjoy editing. Thats where the real challenge for story telling. And adding the right music. I probably spend more time looking for the right music (I bought a large royalty free music library) than editing clips. Sometimes, Ill create my own background music using Garage Band.

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