My experience is that real


My experience is that real estate video production for realtors is a tough nut to crack, and likely hasn’t improved with the housing bust and recent prices (or not). The realtors I came across had NO realistic perception, or seemed to not WANT to accept the real costs for quality productions, and I could not get what I needed to do the jobs regardless of HOW MUCH I pared it down.

It takes more than minimum effort to do a quality production, and THAT is what realtors want IMHO, but are NOT willing to pay realistic prices for. Time being money, and it taking too much of that commodity to get the work, do the job and then to have to really struggle to collect my checks … I simply gave up on this video industry.

That’s not to say some haven’t been successful, and for those who develop the right connections and come up with a production plan that yields high quality video presentation for minimum hourly input and editing, or perhaps even web-based video delivery, I’m glad somebody has figured out how to make it work. Too much work for me though, so I’ll have to pass.

One last comment: However, like ANY program or business plan, it ONLY works if the person going after it works. GREAT ideas won’t work unless you do.

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