My eventual goal is not Yo


My eventual goal is not YouTube. But I do wish to get a more film like look. I can get shallow depth of field and amstudyingand experimenting with lighting so I can make it look as good as possible. I try to do as much as possible before post to make it look good.

But I saw the 24FPS in Premiere and thought I would try that. But it doesn’t look any different.

Just an experiment. My current goal is to eventually make short films shot on video and enter them into film festivals. I have scripts and am an professional actor and can get my actor friends to be in the films. Still have to pay them but in Toronto the union have a drastically reduced rate for Independent films.

Not that I can afford that. I don’t have the money to make the 15 minute short I wrote. So I continue to study and play around and learn how to shoot and edit a movie as ifit was a Mainstream film.

Thank you for responding.

Any advice about film making using video is welcome


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