My DAY rate for shooting i


My DAY rate for shooting is based on 4-6 hours and 8-10 hours. In addition are meal, gas/trip mileage fees and/or any other support such as audio specialist, lights, location fees and/or props, etc. as well as rental fees plus a percentage over rent costs for special equipment (if any) needed.

To “show up and shoot” using my stuff and working alone or with an associate, a half-day is $600; full day, $850.

Editing is $70 per hour. I provide an estimated number of hours to edit/deliver, based on experience and desired method of delivery, plus costs of any materials or supplies, and postage/delivery fees, if any. I offer NO discount for editing but usually come in under my quote as a rule of thumb, but not always. After I estimate the total number of hours required to edit/produce, I usually add 15-to-20-percent for contingency.

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