My company has had an XL1-


My company has had an XL1-s on hand since ’02. Its a great camera andwe’ve used it to shoot shorts, features, corporate video and stuff for theatrical release.We initally ‘tricked it out’ with an MA-200 audio adapter to add 4-channel audio (which works but audio has to be converted from 32 to 48kHz.) The benefit of the MA-200 is it turns the XL1-s from a ‘buzzsaw’ to an actual shoulder mountable camera. We also invested in the different lenses which makes it a truly versatile rig. I’ve used the GL2 and it makes a great ‘crash camera’ or when you’re working in spaces that are too tight for larger rigs. My choice would be XL1-s primary and GL2 as backup. The question you need to ask yourself is; Will the XL1-s or GL2 allow me to produce compatible imagery? The reason I mention it is if you’re doing stuff for the web, a progressive scan capable camera like the XL2 or GL2is your better bet if cost is your main issue. DV though still viable is rapidly getting replaced by the many flavors of HD. So, depending on whatthe plans arefor your imageryyou should consider how the camera you choose will fit with your long-term goals.

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