My boss thinks he knows mo


My boss thinks he knows more because he’s older, owns the cameras, got frustrated at Pinnacle Studio and bought Sony Vegas. He can’t tell whether I’ve just changed a few things on a project, or spent a whole week redoing the audio because the speaker’s voice dynamics were all over the place. He doesn’t care either.

A couple of thoughts from some who is older (54). With age comes wisdom, but sometimes age comes alone.

I have spoken out for years about those folks who truly know what they’re doing vs. those who think they do – It’s not just in video/film but in every profession – Truly great folks will have no problems showing you how to also become great – Sitting at their feet and listening, watching and emulating is a wonderful experience and they help make it so. There is also no rule that states that experience makes for talent – sometimes someone new can bring novel ideas that can best the most experienced one out there.

Those who think they have great talent and hoard that like a dragon guarding treasure are empty and not worth looking to for guidance – Truly talented people make you feel like you can also be talented.

There are also others who think they already know it all and try to teach those who do – Most of the time they are pitied by the ones who can help them most.

Just my $4.38 (two cents adjusted for inflation)

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