my Ati card let me stretch


my Ati card let me stretch the single screen image across both screens, but it worked as if my two screens were one single screen that was twice as wide. the Nvidia had the same option. both could do mirroring but none of that was an option through the windows dialog, i had to go under “advanced options” and select that stuff. my current card, Matrox Millenium G550 allows me to change what is on either screen independantly. so my start bar is only on one screen and i can change the resolutions independantly on either. also i can tell it to show any overlaid video on the second screen (for watching movies etc on a tv or something) but i would lose the second monitor for working.

also, if you’re running PCI-e as he was talking about, most of the cards are higher-end and would have dual independant screen control.

the reason the tv looked fuzzy is the resolution. it’s probably not very high resolution like a computer screen is. even if it’s high-def, it probably has a resolution around 1024×768, spread over 32″ and that’s pretty low rez from a pixels per inch view. in comparison, i have a 17″ lcd monitor in front of me right now running at 1280×1024 and it looks great. so this monitor (or your CRTs) are smaller, but have more pixels and better resolution. that’s why lcd monitors that go big are so stinkin’ expensive.

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