My advice, FWIW, don’t swe


My advice, FWIW, don’t sweat the small stuff, like differences in rating and actual capacity. In years gone by there were significant and noteable differences between the two, and many such claims constituted a rip-off, or outright lies.

Today’s HDs, however, give so much value, and so long as the general claims for capacity are “close enough” what difference does it make. People shouldn’t “crowd” their HDs to the extent that differences in claimed capacity and actual come into play. If you are THAT close to having a full HD, it is cheap enough, and better as a rule, to add another log to the fire.

Anybody who has been doing video for any length of time has acquired a bounty of HDs in various capacities and formats and capabilities. I’d dare say that comparing capacity claims and actuals has been far from their primary concerns over quality, speed, and manufacturer warranties. Being redundant here, I have to say that overall with today’s HDs actual capacity as it relates to any single given project is not mission critical.

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