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My advice about traveling with camcorders probably echoes the others’–take them on board or ship them to your destination. I’ve had to travel with footlocker-sized cases full of networked video gear when selling high-end surveillance gear to prisons, casinos, airports, etc. My God–going through the latest rounds of so-called airport “security” was an absolute nightmare! And with the extra costs now imposed for “extra checked bags” for more than one bag and for more than 50 pounds (it used to be 3 bags checked, free up to 70 pounds!), it wasn’t much more expensive to ship it ahead of time and I never had to worry about it showing up. I marked the special instructions “Hold for guest arrival” and had it delivered right to my hotel room. I shipped the gear out from UPS or FedEx locations, or even Office Depot for the same-as-UPS rates.

One other thing: I’ve not traveled overseas for a while, but I always had my customs forms with me to ensure that I had proof of US origin so I didn’t have to pay customs duties on foreign equipment. You can register your gear prior to leaving the U.S…

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The best video editing plugins — 2021

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