My 6-7 year old Sony VAIO


My 6-7 year old Sony VAIO desktop is getting old (it’s never been online, so it still runs great… just a bunch of little things that are slowly going…)
I was also considering a laptop since the company I do most of my corporate videos for constantly ask for changes on material they already okayed… I’m sure some of you guys know how that is… their office is an hour from me, so I was thinking to get a laptop to make the changes to the video there in front of them, then just give them the DVD on the spot, as opposed to multiple meetings and multiple commutes… these people are just really frustrating (I’m in the middle of a project with them now, if you couldn’t tell…).
But the idea of a desktop in the trunk of the car sounds really cool, I didn’t think of doing it like that. I’ll let you know my new set up when I eventually get one…

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